Dbs Collective Agreement

All the sums that the client must pay on the terms are paid free of charge and tax-free (including goods and services and VAT), duties, taxes, taxes, taxes, fees, interest, penalties, benefits or sources (together the “taxes”) of any kind, which are now or later collected by a tax authority or otherwise. If the client is legally or legally required to make a deduction or withholding tax on the amounts he must pay, the customer will immediately pay or charge, with these amounts, an additional amount guaranteeing that the bank receives or credits the entire amount (free and tax-free) if no deduction or withholding would have been required. At the bank`s request, the customer will immediately provide the Bank with copies of official receipts or other evidence showing that the total amount of this deduction or deduction has been transferred to the appropriate tax authority or other authority. 16.5. You accept that electronic data or images of any form, documents, instructions or communications, other documents, electronic instructions or communications and any electronic documents, instructions or communications that we have or, on our behalf, in electronic form (together “Electronic Records “), electronic documents, instructions or communications (including, but not limited to any electronic instruction) that meet our internal processes and requirements are considered valid, fair and authentic and have the same effect as if these electronic recordings were written and signed electronically between you and us. The question often arises – what is the status of the collective agreement itself – if it is not explicitly included in the employment contract. 16.3. You acknowledge and consent that we are entitled to ask you to sign such an electronic instruction and, in this context, you authorize and agree that we collect and link your signature to the corresponding electronic instruction in electronic form using an electronic signature form or other electronic device that collects, records and records electronic information and signatures in a manner consistent with our internal processes and requirements. The electronic instruction, thus collected and linked with your signature, are together the “Electronic Signature Instruction”.

1.2. These China Connect terms complement and complement the applicable terms and conditions, accounts receivable agreements and/or any other relevant communication and disclosure between the customer and the bank, which govern the bank`s provision of investment trading services to the client, whether written or unwritten, but are not limited to the DBS treasury agreement that is in effect between the bank and the client, which can be amended from time to time (collectively). For all matters related to China Connect, in case of contradictions between these conditions of China Connect and the conditions, the provisions of these conditions of China Connect are given priority. They are legally binding on the parties only if they are written and legally binding. Some of the terms of a collective agreement (for example. B on wage rates) may be explicitly indicated as subject to the current collective agreement between the employer and the union. However, if the collective agreement is incorporated into a worker`s employment contract, it can be binding.