Treasury Board Trade Agreement Thresholds

This communication on treaty policy has three elements: the replacement of NAFTA, the updated thresholds for contracting for free trade agreements, and the collection of country-of-origin statistics. The list of general exceptions to a trade agreement is generally included in the “Safety and General Exceptions” section of the “Public Markets” chapter; However, some trade agreements, such as the CPTPP. B also include exceptions in a specific “Exceptions” chapter. Examples: if contracting is covered by more than one trade agreement, all applicable trade agreements must be respected at the same time, considering the strictest procedures of the trade agreement. Purchases subject to international trade agreements and the TIA must publish planned notices of purchase through the Public Electronic Tender Service (GETS), provided by Utilities and Supply Canada (PSPC) via the “Offers” page on the website. This final rule transposes the new thresholds into the FAR 25.4 subsection, trade agreements and other sections of the FAR, which contain thresholds for trade agreements (i.e. 22.1503, 25,202, 25,603, 25.1101 and 25.1102). Subject: Updated thresholds for free trade agreements between departments, departments, agencies, boards of directors, boards, committees, commissions and other similar agencies of a contracting party With respect to international trade agreements, entities covered by the federal government are generally included in the first annex or section of Canada`s market access plan. Examples: local, regional, local and other forms of local government, in its communication on contractual policies of 21 December 2017, The Board of Directors of the Treasury of Canada issued an updated set of inflation-linked supply thresholds that came into effect on January 1, 2018, in the Contract Policy Communication of the Secretariat of Canada`s Board of Directors, funded by public funds, health and social service organizations or agencies, as well as any agency or agency owned by one or more of the previous companies. The notice contains the new thresholds for public procurement under Canada`s International Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the World Trade Organization (GPA) Public Procurement Agreement, as well as Canada`s National Free Trade Agreement, the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA), which came into force in July 2017. For more information about CFTA, visit our July 2017 Blakes Bulletin: Canada`s Procurement System Gets a Boost: CFTA Now in Effect, CETA on Its Heels. With respect to the substantive issues surrounding public procurement commitments contained in one of the international trade agreements, please contact Global Affairs Canada: this rule amends the far to make minor changes to the WTO GPA and free trade agreements. The revisions do not result in new charges or, with the exception of changes to the threshold themselves, the applicability of clauses and provisions on or below the simplified acquisition threshold or commercial positions.

Canada`s free trade agreements do not impede the inclusion of measures for aboriginal peoples and/or businesses in public procurement. These include purchase obligations under modern contracts (Comprehensive Land Claims Agreements). For more information on Comprehensive Land Agreements (CLCAs), see 9.35 Modern Contracts. For more information on the Aboriginal Business Procurement Strategy (PSAB), see 9.40 Purchasing Strategy for Aboriginal Businesses. Service coverage varies according to international trade agreements.