Boat Share Agreement Contract

Hello Meaghan — if you create a free account on Nautical Monkey, there are two examples of agreements on the homepage after the connection — John Handling Selling Expenses – How will it be managed if the boat is sold? One of the most important issues we receive with Nautical Monkey is boat-sharing contracts and union contracts. In particular, what are the most important questions we should be asking, where to find model agreements and what kind of partnership should we create? Hello, Megan – it`s a tough one – I`m sorry you`re going through this. If you created a sharing agreement when you bought the boat that would help, but I think you didn`t because of the relationship. There are so many nuances about this kind of thing that I would be reluctant to offer any legal advice – my best proposal (even probably not very helpful) is to see if you can find a lawyer who could give you real advice on what your rights are. If you have any specific questions, please contact us. Forecast costs – Maybe a list of taxes, registration, insurance, fuel, repairs, improvements, cleaning, maintenance, etc. Are all costs evenly distributed, regardless of whether each partner uses the boat during their exclusive holding periods? What happens if one of the partners is not in the country for a long time? Are costs redistributed? Can a partner freeze their subscriptions/payments during this period? Hi, John. I was wondering if you had a copy of boat agreements that you saw incidentally. I have seen dozens of agreements that have gone south or have simply been dragged into misery because they were not written and some that went south and dissolved because they were in a written agreement. When I go to my first boat owner and I share the boat, I want to set it up properly and I wanted to see some examples and ideas. I am hopeful, but I also want to be careful and give assurances to both sides. However, running a business costs money, so between 2 and 10 owners, it is a matter of preference if you want the formality, costs and security of a corporate structure and a shareholder pact or the lower cost and comparative informality of an agreement like this.

General maintenance and other maintenance of the boat / department Operating expenses – Will a new account be created for the partnership? Will the partners deposit a fixed amount at the beginning of each year or are expenses processed from month to month? So let`s go. Below is a list of issues that you and your partners should discuss before reaching an agreement on boat sharing.